Internal financial control

Internal Financial Control refers to the policies a company makes for the safety of its assets and ensuring the orderly and efficient conduct of the business. ACCYBER experts provide you complete guidance as per 134(5)(e) of the Companies Act 2013. The policy we made, ensures the security against frauds and errors and provides help regarding the accuracy and completeness of the accounting records. Moreover, our Internal Financial Control service assists you in the timely preparation for the future plans while providing reliable financial information.

Benefits to Hire Us

  • Reliability and Financial Reporting

We offer reliable financial control services which protect your business assets and provides you complete control over your property. Reliable financial reporting priories the financial gaps into two categories, i.e. material and non-material so you can review them with management and auditors.

  • Standardization

ACCYBER helps to identify the factors which impact a company located in different countries. We make a policy that is suitable and acceptable for the country and meets their standards.

  • Design Assessment and Gap Identification

Our experts fully analyze all departments of your company to identify a feasibility report and identify the design gaps in the policy. It allows them to make a long-lasting and consistent Internal Financial Control policy for your company that addresses all needs of your business.

Services Included in Internal Financial Control

  • Provided you an opportunity to check your business health and identify the revenue leakage areas.
  • Automated environment.
  • Track the record of business risks and control.
  • Excellent support to CEO and CFO of the business in decision making.