ACCYBER, a place imbued with the talent and expertise of financial experts is bound to serve its clients in the most efficient way possible. Founded by Mr. Ghazi Al Mahayni, CMA, CFM. Who himself comes with a 15+ years of experience in Accounting and Financial Management along with a pretty glorious portfolio of being employed across major continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and in the Middle East, is a man who has made it a mission to provide excellent services in the following domains:

          Financial Management.

          Accounting Outsourcing.


          Financial Reporting.

          Internal Control.

          Cash Flow Management.

          Comparative Analysis.

          Feasibility Studies.

By employing the most vital principles of success, eked out from his very own experience, Mr. Ghazi has made a thrilling debut in the financial market of Istanbul by launching an innovative smartphone application followed by a web portal where each and every client enjoys the freedom of accessing priority services and undivided attention of customer support just in case any issue pops up. This application is also capable of updating the clients of the latest financial trends which needs to be adopted for maximum profit in the near future.

No matter whether you are an individual or a representative from any of the Small or Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), ACCYBER is your one-shop-stop for all sorts of financial and audit oriented planning and management.